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Maestitium - Tale Of The Endless Digi CD

Maestitium - Tale Of The Endless Digi CD

Track list

01. The Undying Travail
02. Morning Star
03. Song Of The Freezing Wind
04. Tale Of The Endless

From the dark north of Sweden comes the Melodic Death/Black Metal band Maestitium.
Tale of the Endless is the debut EP telling the story of three people with troubled and dark minds, full of anger, despair and sorrow. With inspiration from bands like Insomnium, Hinayana and Wolfheart, Tale of the Endless brings epic melodies, blasting drums and a handful of atmosphere.
It’s composed/recorded by Elias Westrin (Guitars, Vocals, Synths, Orchestrations) and is mixed/mastered by Robin Leijon.
Tale of the Endless features studio musicians like
Nils Fjellström aka Dominator’ (Nordjevel, Myrkskog, Odium, ex Dark Funeral, Aeon,) on drums and Anton Flodin (Deathbreed) on bass.

Artwork by MOON RING Design